COVID Safe Cruising

With just a handful of guests In the COVID-19 environment our policies relating to health and hygiene aboard are constantly reviewed and at the moment it’s impossible to predict exactly what the situation will be when we start our 2021 season.  But we feel it is important to outline our current expectations and protocols.

For information about re- scheduling or cancelling a cruise please read our Flexible Booking Policy.  

Our commitment to you:

We will always put the heath and wellbeing of our guests, and crew, first

We will follow all applicable health guidelines

We will keep in touch with you and be open & honest about any local restrictions – meaning you can make informed decisions about your trip


Guest requirements

As a minimum, all guests will be asked to complete a pre boarding questionnaire and must pass a contactless temperature check at the meeting point before being permitted to join the cruise.

Once rapid PCR testing and/or vaccination becomes available we expect to extend our pre-embarkation requirements to include these measures.    

Reduced guest numbers

Whilst social distancing is still required in 2021 we will be reducing passenger numbers on cruises with individually bookable cabins to 4 guests (a 33% reduction).  Whilst there is plenty of space to social distance onboard the barge, we are limiting numbers to ensure we can maintain 1m+ distance between couples in our 9 seater minibus.

Crew requirements

Our crew will match the pre-embarkation requirements for guests, whether that be vaccination or a negative rapid PCR test before the start of each cruise. 

Onboard the barge

Social distancing

We will follow current social distancing guidelines, and where these can not be maintained, eg. whilst crew are serving guests or when moving around the barge, guests and our crew will be required to wear a mask.  

Dining onboard

All meals will be served with social distancing between guests observed.  Meals will be plated (not buffet) and any shared items (eg. a cheese platter or condiments) will only be shared within your bubble.

Before and after every cruise, the barge and minibus will be deep cleaned, including the wiping down of all surfaces with disinfectant.  Cabins and public areas will be thoroughly cleaned daily whilst frequent common touch points eg handrails will be disinfected during per day.  All linens will be washed at a minimum of 60°c.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning on board is individual to each room and air is not circulated between cabins. Each cabin has an opening skylight to allow fresh air in.

Hygiene Protocols
Guest will be asked to use sanitizer gel each time they board the barge and before meals. Sanitiser stations will also be located around the barge.  Crew will use disposable gloves and observe strict hand washing protocols.


Almost all our excursions are private visits, with just our group and a guide.  The exception to this is excursions to big brand champagne houses (eg Moet & Chandon) – if any excursions on your cruise will be public tours, we will tell you this before you arrive so you can choose an alternative private excursion if you wish.  

Our walking tours and city visits deliberately avoid crowded tourist spots and busy areas.  

Restaurant dining

Taking your evening meals at restaurants is normally a big part of experiencing France, but if you prefer to eat aboard in the evenings we can arrange this.  

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