Passing through Paris

After our last guests departed on 30 September, it was time to start heading north on our way to dry dock in Holland.  And because the canal northwards through Reims was shut for annual maintenance, we had to take the much longer river route via Paris.

Travelling on the Seine takes you right through the heart of the city and past some of it's most famous sites - something we last did back in 2015.   It's a great trip, taking you past Notre Dame, the Musee D'Orsay, the Grand Palais  and finally as you head west out of the centre, the Eiffel Tower.   

It's never exactly a fun or relaxing trip for the pilot with ALOT of narrow bridge arches to negotiate and ALOT of traffic to contend with on a section of river so narrow that it needs a one-way system in places (time it wrong and you'll be stuck idling mid-river for 30 minutes!)  But all up it only takes about 40 minutes and well it's hard not to feel slightly smug whenever you pass a bateau mouche crammed with tourists.

But we had a beautiful September morning for the trip and Graeme + my parents (who were travelling with us as volunteer galley slave & deckhand) got the enjoy the view so I thought I'd share a few snapshots....

The traffic is always hell around the Eiffel Tower!

The Musee D'Orsay

The more typical way to see Paris' sights

You get a unique perspective of the beautiful bridges from the river

As a seasoned cruiser Salt isn't fussed about Paris!

Au Revoir Paris

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